Better Together - Couples Diffuser Bracelet Duo

Better Together - Couples Diffuser Bracelet Duo

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Our Couples Duo sets are simple, sweet, and are great for a.) gifting & b.) every day wear. This set is perfect for partners who each have their own individual style but ultimately compliment each other in allllll the right ways.

Bracelet Breakdown:
- 8mm matte rhodochrosite + 8mm unwaxed black lava beads
Masculine - 8mm black & gold obsidian + 8mm unwaxed black lava beads

Feminine Size: Circumference
Small 6.25” - 6.5”
Regular 7” - 7.25”

Masculine Size: Circumference
Regular 7”
Large 8”

How to use: Simply apply a drop or two of your favorite essential oil or blend to the porous lava rock and enjoy your essential oils all day long.

Care: Citrus and darkly colored oils may cause natural discoloration to your lava beads. Refrain from wearing in the shower or while swimming. Due to the delicate nature of our natural stones and beads, your bracelet will last much longer if kept dry and properly stored between wears.

* Note: Because each bracelet is handmade using natural stones, bracelet colors may deviate slightly from photos shown.
** Please email to select different pairings options (two feminine bracelets, two masculine bracelets, etc.) We're happy to help!

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